Delays again

Six weeks goes by pretty fast, especially when you’re prepping an outside lecture, doing normal class prep, and extensive gambling (the proper term for wasting weeks of my life on unsuccessful job applications/interviews, a ton of work/stress with nothing to show for the effort in the end).

That said, in the week between now and my departure for Europe I hope to do a bit of writing here: a recap of my year teaching US History (for the first time), a few thoughts on freshman composition (thanks to the aforementioned “gambling”, something I spent a lot of time thinking about over the past month), and maybe even a bit from those lectures I’m writing for the trip. We’ll see if I get around to some translating. If nothing else, I will be taking my notebook on the trip, and if I have a chance to sit at a cafe in Budapest and write, I may come back with a few more ideas for posting in between packing boxes of books. As of right now, I will have plenty of free time next year…

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